Infant First Portrait Session

Infant Portrait Session.

So there’s this girl, NO, NO, NO, not like that! Shannon belongs to the same networking group as I. Gosh we’ve known each other for years and years. I feel like her brother. I can’t say Father since I know him also and he’s a pretty cool guy.

Well Shannon and her husband Travis recently had their first child. Let’s call him say, Mike. I’ll use my brother’s name. Mike is now almost four weeks old. So Mom and Dad brought him into the studio for his first sitting. You’ve heard the description of newborns; eat, poop and sleep. That’s what makes them so cool to photograph. You can put them in almost any healthy non harming position, photograph them and they sleep through the entire session.

Well, not little Mikey! Midway through his session, he woke up. I think he just didn’t want to miss anything! In any event, Mikey was a trooper. We put him in all of his poses and he just stayed their for the most part.

Typically, in these sessions, infants are often photographed in the suit they were born in. Of course it was then that Mikey decided to leave his mark on the fleece posing cloth.  Good job, Mikey. But no problem that’s what washing machines and bleach are for!!

So here’s a few images of Mikey for you to enjoy. Oh by the way, can you tell Mikey’s dad is a deer hinter?? Mike was a pleasure to have in the studio. Love you Mom, Dad and Mikey!

Infant in camo.

Get ready all, I’m waking up!

Sleeping infant

Aren’t I just so cute while I’m sleeping?

Infant boy in black and white.

Our little guy in black and white.

 Mom and Dad with infant son.

Don’t Mom and Dad look so happy?

If you’d like more information about infant photography or any other services offered by, check the studio website for contact information.

People Photography – Your Eye Is Key

If you’re not looking at your subject and visualizing the resulting photograph, chances are you’re DOOMED! That’s right take a quick look at the surrounding elements and the subject then ask yourself: How will this look when finished? For People Photography, the first thing you should check is whether the face is in shadow or not. If the face is in shadow, then move to illuminate the subjects face. In addition, what background elements are there to add or distract to the surrounding environment. Want to improve your photography? Read, Practice; Read, Practice; Read, Practice; then repeat.

Check out this article to see what I mean.

Portrait Photography Projects

Poses For Portrait Photography

Posing a subject for a portrait is sooo very important. When people come into the studio, they are nervous and uncertain. Try to take a picture of your family or friends at an outing or on vacation. Even then you have to direct your subjects to achieve your intended result.

So here is a short workshop style video that will give you some suggestions and techniques. Yeah, Yeah, I know; You’re going to say Tom I’m not a professional. That’s right, but take just one tip from this video and you’ll be better off. There is a section on newborns in the video. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it also. Let me know your thoughts.

A Complete Guide to the Basics of Posing for Portrait Photos

A Suggestion Made About My Recent Photography Studio Newsletter!

In the A Thomas Image studio E-Blast for October 2012, I mentioned a new brick backdrop.  A friend of mine asked: “Why didn’t you include a picture of the new backdrop”?  I actually thought about doing just that, but I was in such a hurry to get the announcement out, I omitted the image.  Well, “duh” on me!

 Today, I acquired another muslin backdrop.  It dawned on me this might be a good time to announce the muslin backdrop, include a photo showing it and update everyone on the brick backdrop.  The muslin backdrop is a dark charcoal in color with some splashes of purple and tan.  It’s large enough to drop from the studio ceiling and cover the floor.  It should work very well for the right portrait photography sitting.


Photograper announces portrait backdrop

Tom Szabo of A Thomas Image is posed with the newest studio mulin backdrop.


Some portrait clients might like a warehouse or loft theme for their sitting.  The new brick backdrop will accommodate that very nicely.  Lighting can be adjusted to give the appearance of being outdoors in an alley or indoors near a window.  It’s neat for that “urban” feel.  With a little creativity, graffiti can be added to the image.  Graffiti can be customized to include client names, graduation year, special announcements or the name of your band.


Brick wall background for portrait photography

Brick texture for that urban look.


 So now I just need someone to schedule a sitting where we can use these backdrops.  Any takers?  I also hope this blog post helps redeem me from my e-blast photo blunder, he said sheepishly!