Terms And Conditions – Ocean Sands


  1. The Ocean Sands Jewelry line is the design, creation and construction by tom-szabo.com, herein referred to as “Jeweler”.
  2. Every customer is important to the Jeweler. As a result every effort will be made to satisfy every inquiry for service within the terms and conditions noted below.
  3. All prehistoric specimens are as described in product descriptions by the jeweler. Specimen age is determined using photographs and identifications described in research literature and acknowledged experts.
  4. Jewelry chain, embellishments and hardware are not represented as prehistoric or antique. These items may be hand made or purchased by the Jeweler.
  5. All designs and finished pieces of jewelry are Copyright, by the jeweler. No duplication is permitted.
  6. Due to the age of jewelry specimens and the natural chemical changes may change the mechanical properties of these specimens. The aging of these materials may cause them to become brittle and susceptible to cracking, chipping, fracture and breakage, either naturally or due to mishandling, dropping, and other means of force. As such no specimen warranty is stated, made, written or implied. No warrantee returns will be accepted due to specimen damage or breakage.
  7. Jeweler guarantees all chain, wire, clasp and other hardware to be free of defects as supplied by the manufacture or construction by the jeweler.
  8. The customer is responsible for shipping and insurance to return jewelry, for any repair and/or warrantee claim. All returns will be evaluated by the jeweler to determine cause of damage or breakage. Every effort will be made to return the jewelry in an “as new” condition. Any repair covered under warrantee and return shipping will be made at no charge to the customer.
  9. Where warrantee claims are determined to be due to breakage or misuse by the customer, a repair cost and return shipping will be submitted to the customer for approval prior to any work performed.
  10. The nature and geometry of the prehistoric materials used, means no two specimens can be or will be identical. Nor can they be made to look identical. That is the uniqueness of the jewelry constructed by the jeweler. As such repairs to specimens cannot be guaranteed to appear as the original specimen. Where such issues arise, the customer will be advised accordingly.
  11. All jewelry descriptions and prices are subject to change. Jeweler is not responsible for any typographic errors.

Date: 01-January-2018