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Over that last century and a half, photography has evolved from mixing chemicals for use on glass plates, to cameras using film that was processed in a photo lab, and now digital photography using digital media cards to replace film. What hasn’t changed is the talent required to create an artistic image.

Digital medium has progressed to a point where we can flood our personal life and the lives of others with pictures. With all the technology advertised to turn everyone into an Ansel Adams, why do we still see a lot of poor photographs flooding the world?

Tom Szabo believes the photographer has to be smarter than the camera! Photography is about camera skills, an eye for composition and understanding light. No matter the level of technology, a photographer still needs to master the camera, composition and light. The camera is but a tool between the eye of the photographer and the final image.

So how do you learn to master the camera as a tool? In our digital world we have a plethora of resources at our disposal. From You Tube, to on line forums, e-books and the entire internet. If maybe this is starting to sound like school, it’s because it’s about learning. You still have to LEARN how to be a creative photographer.

Photographer Tom Szabo has been working on his craft his entire adult life. From classes, exhaustive reading, tens of thousand presses of the shutter, networking with other photographers to competing. From all this knowledge and skill development his work has grown. Tom is always challenged to create something visually unique and interesting. Whether it’s something as simple as a simple nut and bolt or capturing the fun and energy of children, he finds the challenge exciting.

Contact Tom to learn how to put his skills as a commercial, portrait and underwater photographer to work for you!

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