Tom Szabo, Photographer, A Thomas ImageTom Szabo, jeweler, photographer and scuba instructor.  

Tom Szabo has 30 years of experience in manufacturing. His history includes Engineering, Product Design, Manufacturing operations and Sales. His corporate career includes positions as Plant Manager, Operations Manager, Owner of Manufacturers representative agency, Conducted manufacturing business assessments and Professional consulting service sales.

After being downsized from a successful career, Tom began turning his hobbies into businesses.  In 1999 he opened A Thomas Image a photography studio in Concord Tsp., Ohio.  Beginning January, 2016 A Thomas Image was re-branded under the name tom-szabo.com. In 2000, Tom became certified a scuba instructor.

The photography studio provides aerial, commercial, portrait and underwater photography services.  Look over samples of Tom’s photography in other pages in this blog.

Here are a few highlights of Tom’s photography careeer:

  • 2002 – Authored a PADI (Professional Association of Dive Instructors) distinctive specialty for Underwater Point-N-Shoot photography certification.  Tom also teaches two PADI underwater photography specialties.
  • 2006 – Sport Diver magazine published his image titled “Superior Producer”. In addition portions of his article were included in the June edition.
  • 2008 – Northeast Dive News publishes article “Curacao – Blennies To Bling” and accompanying photographs
  • 2008 – Awarded the Lake Communicators Silver APEX Award in the Editorial Writing category for his 2008 Northeast Dive News article “Curacao – Blennies To Bling Bling” and accompanying photographs
  • 2014 – Awarded the Lake Communicators Gold Apex Award for a photo campaign completed for a wooden sunglass manufacturer.

Tom worked full time in the scuba industry for over 7 years. He taught scuba diving at various levels.  His diving has taken him to such destinations as Bahamas, Bonaire, Canada, Curacao, Florida, Hawaii, Roatan, Tahiti and Truk Lagoon.

His underwater photography and writing has appeared in several scuba diving publications.

Tom serves or has served on boards for: Maritime Archeological Survey Team (MAST), Eastern Lake County Chamber of Commerce, and Lake Communicators. He lives with his wife Diane.

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  1. Wonders of the web! Are you Tom Szabo that is married to Diane Szabo? I was looking for her on Facebook, hoping to connect. I saw your profile, but didn’t see one for her.
    Please pass along this ‘hello’, if I have the correct Tom.

  2. After a hearty recommendation by Joe Crusse, I took a look at your website and work. Joe is right–again! Great images.

    I didn’t read everything, but I do have a proof-read error. What you meant to say was that you “eke” out a living, not “eek” unless mice are a daily fright problem in your studio.

    I’m a writer, and would be happy to help with your text. Deborah Byrne

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