Jewelry – From The Sea!

Jewelry – why?

It’s truly amazing where life takes us. A few years ago on one of my trips to Florida, I heard about Mike Konecnik of Aquanutz Scuba Dive Charters out of Venice, Florida. Mike took us to his personal collection of dive sites to hunt for Megaladon Shark teeth. I was hooked! Along with Megalodon teeth, I began finding fossilized horse  teeth, whale bone, dugong (manatee) bone and other fossilized material.

As I looked at the “treasures” I found, a hair-brained idea came about – Jewelry. With the addition of some equipment and some trial and error, a new product has emerged by Tom Szabo, Ocean Sands Jewelry. The line comes from the fossilized materials Tom finds while diving. The fossilized materials range in age from 2.6 to 26 million years ago. Yes, that’s Millions of years. The slide show below will show some Ocean Sands pieces. is in the process of opening a store here on the website. You’ll be able to order all the Ocean Sands jewelry you want and complete your purchase under this tab.

As always, if you have any questions or requests, please don’t hesitate to contact Tom directly using the “Contact” page. Happy shopping!!

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