Jewelry – From The Sea!

Jewelry – why?

It’s truly amazing where life takes us. A few years ago I dove with Mike Konecnik of Aquanutz Scuba Dive Charters out of Venice, Florida. Mike took us to his personal collection of dive sites to hunt for Megaladon Shark teeth. I was hooked! Along with Megalodon teeth, I began finding fossilized shark teeth, horse teeth, whale bone, dugong or manatee bone and other fossilized material.

These dives take place in about 30 feet of water. This is considered shallow water as compared to 80, 100 and 120 feet. A shallow 30 foot dive also extends your bottom time. If you’re an easy breather and don’t kick real hard, you can get 60, 80, 90 minutes or more of dive time on a singe tank of air. That gives a diver plenty of time to search the bottom for fossils.

It also takes time to “learn the bottom”. Megalodon teeth can hide in the clay. They may be covered by a sand layer. A specimen tip might protrude from the sand. Spotting them can be influenced by bottom conditions. Often storms may expose teeth. Since these teeth have been laying in the ground under 30 feet of water for 2-1/2 to 26 million years (yes you read that correctly), they may be encrusted with corals. Corals help to hide them. You have to look for the tooth shape under the sand. You may only see an edge or corner protrude from the sand or just a hint of black. When you do see any of these signs, you stop, take a second look. A little “fanning” with your hand may reveal a tooth – if you’re lucky.

So the more diving I did with Mike, the more specimens I collected. As more and more material accumulated, a hair-brained idea came about – Jewelry. I acquired some pricey and not so pricey equipment. The teeth and bone get cleaned. The bone gets cut, ground and polished. I mount the specimens to form the center piece. After lots of trial and error, a new product emerged, Ocean Sands Jewelry. Ocean Sands jewelry consists of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and key chains.

Ocean Sands jewelry was featured on the local Fox 8 show “New Day Cleveland”. You’re welcome to see the short program interviewing me and see the jewelry making process.

Anyone interested in fun, unique and a sporty look will enjoy Ocean Sands jewelry. This line of jewelry works well with a summer party look, everyday clothing and beach apparel. Parents love to buy them for their kids. They make great pieces to take along on vacation. Don’t worry about them getting wet in fresh or salt water!

You’re welcome to navigate over to the store to shop. You can order all you want – LOL. Let me open your door to the Ocean Sands Jewelry on line STORE.

As always, if you have any questions or requests, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly using the “Contact” page. Happy shopping!!, Ocean Sands, jewelry, photography, scuba instruction.