You Wonder Why A Pro Photographer Is Protective Of Our Work?

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So I’m doing some research on an image I created. This caused me to go to the Garfield Home website. I stumbled upon a photography event at the Garfield Home, part of the US National Parks. Here’s a link to the event.

The National Parks is inviting photographers to come photograph the historical site. I’m thinking hmmmmm, might be interesting to attend. As I look through the event description, I come upon the following statement:
“Images will become the property of the National Park Service, though all photographers will receive digital copies.”

Are you kidding me? The NPS is going to ALLOW me to have copies of my creations! Typical, the National Parks Service among others know nothing about Copyrights. But they believe every photographer that’s worth anything will jump at the opportunity to spend their time creating copyright images. Then turn the rights over to the NPS just so the NPS can publish them anywhere, anytime and for any purpose with NO compensation to the maker.

Myself and every other professional photographer have money, and time wrapped up in equipment, expenses, training and building our craft. But typical of so many today who believe we photographers don’t care to eat, don’t want to pay our mortgage, have no need to invest into our business. So if you’re willing to give something away, maybe that’s exactly what it’s worth – NOTHING! You won’t see me at this event. business card

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