Product Update!

I hope you enjoy my announcement about the expansion of the online store! Two new product departments have been added.


Customers have encouraged me to add a line of notecards to the store. The first series released is based on the iconic buildings on the square in Painesville Ohio. The cards are A7 size, 5″X7″ on 80 lb. stock with a 4″X6″ photo of the subject. All cards are hand made and include an envelope.

Home Town Notecards showing iconic points in Lake County Ohio.

Iconic buildings of Painesville, OH are the subjects of new notecard line.

You can purchase the cards individually or there is a special catalog number for a collection of all 6 as shown above. In addition, you’ll see a card listed illustrating the 2016 Christmas Tree that was on display in downtown Painesville.

I hope you find them enjoyable and worthwhile. You can soon choose from other local scenes. They’re not ready yet, I’m in the process of creating images as we speak. Please feel free to offer your comments and suggestions for other local iconic sites in northeast Ohio.


Many of you who follow me on social media may have heard my wife and I joined some friends to journey to the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky. If you get the chance to travel there, allow plenty of time to do some “sippin”. When you do, you’ll notice the different ways samples are served to you.

Now you can enjoy your samples in Elegant and Grand style. Check out the new Elegant Flights in the store. The flights are hand made from select hardwoods (Oak and Walnut for now). The flight tray is cut into the shape of a bottle with milled recesses to nest the four 1-1/2 oz. sample glass. Glasses are included. The tray is finished using a mixture of mineral oil and beeswax. The finish helps protect the hardwood from spills and highlights the details of the hardwood.

Elegant Flights from select hardwoods to sample your favorite liquors.

Sip carefully with your friends!

So if you want to share your tasting experience with friends, this is the perfect accessory for you. Of course, please serve and enjoy responsibly!

To learn more about the new products offered by, please visit the STORE. Of course if you have any questions or have a custom need, please contact using the “CONTACT” page.

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