Portrait Photography – not your “selfie”!

After studying a portrait painting did you feel that you knew the  subject better? That’s one way to describe a well done portrait. Perhaps something about the lighting, expression, appearance and environment, helped you better understand the person or persons in the artwork. That’s what a portrait photographer strives for.

Understanding Photography

Artistic portraiture requires a photographer who has mastered their craft and tools. These tools include lighting, composition, posing, focus, exposure and the other many tools used in portrait photography. Not yet mentioned but equally important is making the subject(s) relaxed and allow their true essence to appear. All of these factors should be orchestrated with an artistic end in mind.


Photograph Those Special Moments In Time

We all experience those special instances in life we want to share with others. Maybe it’s that special look of a child at the beach. It might even be a quite time in a park setting. That special, lovable look is the look you want captured.

In addition, there are certain times in life you want to commemorate. Typically we want to remember the love associated with:

  • Maternity
  • Birth
  • Religious events
  • Childhood
  • Your family over time
  • High School Graduation
  • College Graduation
  • Family reunions

The Solution

Whether it’s one of the special times above or you just want to enjoy time with a special person, engage a professional portrait photographer. You’ll cherish the results. Please invest some time examining some of the portraits created by Tom-Szabo.com. Contact the studio and let’s create a portrait that becomes an heirloom!


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