What makes Ocean Sands jewelry so unique is that due to the materials used, no two pieces of jewelry will ever be that same! Unlike mass marketing jewelers, Ocean Sands jewelry can NEVER be replaced or duplicated. All pieces are truly one-of-a-kind.

Fossilized shark teeth, manatee and whale bone are part of the Miocene and Pliocene eras. That makes the materials 2.5 million to 26 million years old. The result is it requires special cutting tools to work raw fossil into finished jewelry. The teeth and bone are like working with glass – hard and brittle. So don’t drop your jewelry on hard surfaces like ceramic tile or concrete. Tom learned this early on after dropping a piece from his desk onto the concrete floor. Shattered!

After cutting and/or cleaning, most materials are tumbled as part of the jewelry making process. In some cases as with shark tooth root, polishing residue may still remain. Even after long periods of ultra-sonic cleaning. Tom noticed that most all of the compound residue washes away over a short period of time in the shower. So don’t be afraid to get your jewelry wet.

If you notice your jewelry gets a little soiled or dirty, it can be cleaned in mild soap and water. A soft bristled brush can be used for crevices or under the mounting. As always  ultra-sonic cleaners work very well.

As Ocean Sands Jewelry is new to the market, new pieces and design are always being created and made available to the market. So don’t be shy. Keep an eye on the online store. Also, like on Facebook! on facebook, Ocean Sands, jewelry, photography, scuba instruction., Ocean Sands, jewelry, photography, scuba instruction.

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